Women’s Invitational Challenge (& Photos)

Published on 21st August 2018 in Guest Only

Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st August saw the hosting of one of the premier events on the women’s golfing program here at Barwon Heads, The 2018 Women’s Invitational Challenge.

Eighteen reciprocal and associated Clubs competed for the coveted trophy.  

Results after day one:

Monday, 20 August

Nearest the pins               

4th Tee –   Julie Hope-Johnstone (Barwon Heads GC)

8th Tee –   Sue Clark (Metropolitan GC)                                              

Winner Day One                 

Individual: Jill Carter (Royal Auckland & Grange GC)  H’Cap – 16 Score – 37pts.

Leading Team After Day 1: The National – 130pts.

Tuesday, 21 August

Nearest the pins

4th Tee – Jayne Dance (The National)                    

8th Tee – Kathy Bell (13th Beach)                            

Winners Day Two

Individual: Janet Doig (Victoria H’Cap – 13 Score – 36pts

Most Improved Individual: Lesa Gray (Ballarat GC) improved 14 pts                                      

Most improved Team: Royal Adelaide improved 21 pts 

  1. Ali Coventry
  2. Edwina Grant
  3. Colleen Hamilton
  4. Juliet Hugo

Overall Individual Winner: Janet Doig (Victoria) H’Cap – 13. Score: 34 + 36 = 70pts

Team R/U x 4:  Victoria GC – 249 pts                                  

  1. Janet Doig
  2. Robyn Gleadhill
  3. Catherine Huse
  4. Kristine Vandertop

Team Winner: The National Golf Club – 256 pts

Teams Winner x 4:         

  1. Louise Briers      
  2. Cathrine Dalton
  3. Jayne Dance
  4. Joanne Irvine

Full results can be viewed here.

Thank you to everyone for attending – the 2019 Invitational is set for 19th – 20th August.


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