Marrum Cup Results

The 95th Marrum Cup Meeting.

It was a very close finish with a three way tie, the winner and runner-up decided on a countback.

Thursday 6th May 2021

Event No.5: The Marrum Cup  Results

Cicely Lascelles Cup

(Aggregate Stroke Handicap for Tuesday & Thursday)

Runner-up:  Georgie Gall Score: 80 + 75 = 155 Club: Kingston Heath Hcp:17

Winner: Fiona Burn. Score: 79 + 73 = 152 – Club: Royal Melbourne Hcp: 20       

Associates’ Cup

(Best Scratch Score)

Originally presented by the late Mrs. Kininmonth

Winner: Erica Kreyborg. Score: 78 – Club: Spring Valley C/B from Deborah Rix (Warrnambool) 78

Captain’s Cup

(18 Holes Stroke Handicap)

18 holes to be played in conjunction with the Marrum Cup and limited to members of the Marrum Cup teams

Runner-up: Georgina Leigh.  Score: 70 – Club: The National Hcp: 9

C/B from Jenny Roberts – Portsea (19) 70

Winner: Erica Kreyborg. Score: 70 – Club: Spring Valley. Hcp: 8


Club Professionals’ Trophy

(Best Scratch Score for players on 19-24 handicaps. Captain’s Cup winner and runner-up are ineligible.)

Winner: Jenny Roberts.  Score: 89 – Club: Portsea


Marrum Cup

Third Place: Eastern Golf Club on countback. Score: 228              

Player: Sharon Bridgman (14). Score: 76                  

Player: Mandy Weir (19). Score: 81

Player: Sue-Ann Vogt (20). Score: 71


Runner-up: Sorrento Golf Club on countback: Score: 228    

Player: Sue Semmens (7). Score: 74                  

Player: Ginny Reid (12). Score: 77

Player: Pia Perkins (14). Score: 77


Winning Club: Royal Melbourne Golf Club. Score: 228

Player: Vicki Lloyd (13). Score: 76               

Player: Di Hasker (16). Score: 79

Player: Fiona Burn (20). Score: 73


Results and Photos by Day

Wednesday 5th May 2021

Event No. 4: The Max Bell Foursomes Cup – Results 

  •  18 Hole Stroke Handicap

  •  Prizes awarded to the top three pairs

  • Golf Australia handicap limit 21 on date of play

  • Best gross score

Max Bell Foursomes Cup 

Third Place: Kris Anastasiou & Euija Park (Kew)  Hcp: 16. Score: 70

Runners-up: Jenny McMillan & Lib Nicholson (Barwon Heads) Hcp: 21. Score: 70

Winners: Sue Semmens & Hayley Peters (Spring Valley). Hcp: 7.5 Score: 69.5  

Max Bell Foursomes Cup Best Gross

Winners: Sue Semmens & Hayley Peters (Spring Valley) Score: 77

Glenda Clarke (Port Fairy). Hole-in-one on the 8th during the Max Bell Foursomes Cup



Tuesday 4th May 2021

Event No. 3: Bramerton Cup – Results        

  •  18 Holes Stroke Handicap.

  •  Golf Australia handicap limit 21 on date of play

  •  Best gross score – Ellie Skene Memorial Cup

  •  NTP’s on 4th and 17th holes

Runner-up: Young Eddington   Score 78   Club: Royal Melbourne.   Hcp. 7                         

Winner: Kath Kerr    Score 76    Club: Barwon Heads. Hcp. 22    

Ellie Skene Memorial Cup

(Best scratch score)

Winner: Young Eddington.    Score: 85    Club: Royal Melbourne                                                                                


Monday 3rd May 2021

Event No. 1: Barbara Parsons Trophy – Results                                        

  •  18 holes Stableford.

  •  70 years & over.

  •  Golf Australia handicap limit 31 on date of play

Runner-up: Jayne Salmon 37 pts. Club: Barwon Heads Hcp: 33                          

Winner: Patricia Malloch 38pts Club: Curlewis. Hcp: 18    

L-R: Zara Brookes, Barbara Parsons, Jayne Salmon (runner up).


Event No. 2: Jeanne Heweston Trophy (In conjunction with Barbara Parsons Trophy)      

  •  Nine holes Stableford. (Holes 1-9)

  •  70 years & over.

  •  Golf Australia handicap limit 31 on date of play

  •  Barbara Parsons winner & runner up ineligible to win

Winner: Susie Austin. 21pts. Club: Barwon Heads. Hcp: 18          

Thank you

A huge thank you to Cheryl Nelson and Chris Edge for organising the spotters for Marrum Cup Week. We have received so many lovely compliments from very grateful golfers about the 56 spotters and marshalls. Tuesday’s weather was less than ideal, yet everyone turned up and took their post. A credit to you all, thank you! Dawn Macdonald, Dana Austin and some of the Women’s Golf Sub-Committee (Nonee, Lou and Deb) did a fabulous job marshalling to keep the field moving so play was finished before dark.

Thank you spotters

Marg Austin, Jenny Bade, Jo Barker Marg Bennett, Jenny Bigelow, Serena Chirnside, Pauline Christison, Sue Cohen, Sue Cole, Robin Cottrill, Liz Crawford, Helen Crowley, Sandy Cunningham, Dawn Dacomb, Sandy de Crespigny, Beverley Davies, Jenny Ekstedt, Sally Fenton, Jane Galbraith, Anne Gross, Bid Gubbins, Pam Hastings, Ginny Henderson, Yvonne Hern, Barb Inglis, Katrina Jeremiah, Kath Kerr, Margie Lilley, Deb Lockie, Sally Ludlow, Winkie Mactier, Marg McIvor, Jenny McKellar, Sally McKillop, Micky Nevitt, Lib Nicholson, Catherine O’Brien, Merran Poole, Carol Richardson,  Carol Reid,  Bronnie Robson, Lindy Stagg, Val Stewart, Chris Swinton, Cynthia Thomas, Tinks Urquhart, Jane Vinecombe, Jill Webb, Prue Webb.




One of Victoria’s most historic team competitions for women, ‘The Marrum Cup’ has been in existence for almost a century. It takes place annually at The Barwon Heads Golf Club in early May and since 1925 has attracted generations of women, including the finest golfers from clubs across Victoria and as far afield as the Royals of Adelaide, Canberra, Queensland and Sydney and Lake Karrinyup in the West.

The trophy was first presented by Mrs. Lennox Speirs in 1925 and named after the Marram Grass (Ammophila arenaria) that grows along the dunes and sandy beaches adjacent to the course along the Surf Coast. It was misspelt by mistake but Marrum it has become.

What began in 1925 as a one-day competition now comprises of four days of individual and team events with up to 160 golfers taking part. The Club is extremely proud to hold an historic Victorian event that is a celebration of Australian women’s amateur golf.

Marrum Cup history Women golfers with bags at the Barwon Heads Golf Club



BHGC Marrum Cup Secretary

The Barwon Golf Club

Golf Links Rd,



Email – Narelle Alford (Golf Operations Manager) 

Draw: Refer to this page or for regular updates of all events. When the draws are published please note that they are live timesheets and may change. Please refer to it on the day of play.

Further information

Breakfast: For players is available in the Clubhouse.

Lunch: Sandwiches & light meals available in the Clubhouse daily. (Sandwiches available from 9.00am.)

Dinner: An a la carte dinner is available in the Clubhouse each night in either the Formal Dining Room or Links Room. Reservations via the Club office. Telephone 03 5255 6255

Accommodation: There are 19 ensuite guest rooms available in the Clubhouse. Please enquire or confirm your existing reservation on 03 5255 6255.

Dress code: The Club has a dress code. Members and visitors are expected to dress in a manner in keeping with the Club’s standards, traditions and welcoming environment.

Dress code on the course: Neat attire includes a collared shirt/polo, tailored trousers/shorts/skirt and soft spike golf shoes. These are the minimum requirements. See the website for more details

Dress code in the Clubhouse: In most areas, smart golfing attire suitable for the course is also suitable in the clubhouse. Blue denim is not allowed on the course or in the Clubhouse.




  1. Entry fees must be paid at time of entry. 
  2. The Women’s Match Committee is to make all arrangements and will have full power to alter or to make any variation in the programme should they deem it desirable. The Match Committee may in the event of bad weather, or for any reason shorten, alter or cancel the contest.
  3. The Match Committee has the power to limit the number of entries and reserves the right to return entries once the field has reached capacity.                                                                 
  4. No refunds after the draw is published unless a medical certificate is provided.  Substitutions may be made prior to the commencement of the event.
  5. The competition shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as are adopted by the R & A Rules Limited, Scotland, together with such local rules as are in force on the course over which the competition takes place. If a dispute should arise on any point, it shall be decided by the Committee in charge of the competition, whose decision shall be final. The Committee, if in doubt, shall have the right to refer any such dispute to Golf Australia, whose decision shall then be final.
  6. The events are open to women members of Clubs registered with Golf Australia through their State body. Confirmation of exact handicap must be available if requested.
  7. All ties will be decided by count-back, as recommended by Golf Australia.
  8. Golf Carts – The use of motorized golf carts on the course is regulated in detail in the club by-laws.  In club competition rounds motorized carts may only be used with the permission of the Committee and only for medical reasons.  A medical certificate must be presented.  Golfers may only use motorized golf carts supplied by Barwon Heads Golf Club.


Marrum Cup week entry conditions