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Friday 8 May 2020

Dear member,

This eNews is the monthly 'Member Update' which keeps members informed of general Club news.

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"The course awaits......."

Be Prepared for a Return to golf

Firstly, a thank you to all members and staff for playing their part to keep everyone safe over the past month or so. Unfortunately for most, this has meant not playing at all.

While no announcement has yet been made by the Premier of Victoria, the Hon. Daniel Andrews, the Club is optimistic of a return to golf in some form when the State of Emergency restrictions on recreational activities are revised or removed at midnight on Monday 11th May 2020.

You'll receive a separate email regarding our return to golf plan later this week and we will be ready to resume playing when state government restrictions are changed.

Anthony Masters


The Club is well prepared to return, there are some things you can do also.

MiScore App

We highly recommend using this app during the COVID-19 crisis to mitigate contact between players, kiosk PCs, and the handling and exchange of scorecards.

The Club has activated access to the MiScore digital scoring app under a free trial though to 30 September 2020. It is likely to be continued after September, but your use and subsequent feedback will assist the Club decide whether to continue with a paid service.

The MiScore App is available for download and allows members and visitors to enter the hole by hole scores during their round rather than using a traditional scorecard.

By downloading the app and reading the instructions now, you'll be well prepared for when the course reopens. Click the links below to read more.


The Committee has endorsed the federal government's COVID SAFE app as an effective tool to help state health officials quickly alert people who may be at risk of having contact with the virus. This forms a key part of its plan to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

With a resumption of golf on the horizon, and the opening of the clubhouse over the coming months, the Committee encourages all members to download the app, assisting our Club to return to our normal operations as soon as possible. 

Course Quiz

Pass your golf-free time with this Club quiz written by Pat Lockie and Narelle Alford. Submit your answers and the winner(s)* will receive a sleeve of balls each.

No cheating by looking up answers on the website or touring the course after you've seen the questions. You should answer the questions from memory.

*Entries close midnight Sunday 10th May 2020, game of skill, winner(s) and answers announced on the website by Tuesday 12th May, no correspondence entered into!

Club Events

The 95th Marrum Cup week was due to be held this week and whether it has been cancelled for 2020 or it can be rescheduled to another date is impossible to determine given the return date and form of play is unknown.

The Sprague Cup has also been affected (and entries remain closed) as no timeline for the rounds to be played can be determined. Many other events are also affected, but it's hoped the knockout competitions already underway can be finalised before the end of the year.

Golf Operations Manager, Narelle Alford, along with Captain Pat Lockie and Women's Golf Sub-Committee Captain Zara Brookes are working hard to reschedule whatever events can be. Members will be informed at the earliest opportunity when dates have been confirmed or otherwise.

50+ Lunch

The 50+ lunch won't go ahead in July. However, during this COVID-19 downtime, those in the 50+ 'club' are requested to hunt around for photographs and/or items of memorabilia from their 50+ year association that could be displayed at the next lunch, whenever that may be.

Please contact Roseanne Conheady in the office if you have something in mind.

Captain's Corner

With Patrick Lockie...

I would imagine we have all learnt a few things over the last few weeks of social distancing and a forced absence from golf. 

So, in no particular order I have learnt:

  1. At any single visit, I always forget at least half of what I meant to buy at the hardware store.
  2. Cooking is very enjoyable and not as hard as it looks.
  3. When rebuilding a front fence, don't do it on the weekend when every person (and the dog) walks past and wants to have chat.
  4. I play golf because of the great company and fun to be had with fellow members and friends, not so much because I love hitting the ball around. 
The Club are all very hopeful of a golf restart soon. Experience from interstate, where golf is allowed, is that courses are very busy so any measures put in place around booking tee times will be to  ensure that access to the course is fair for all members, no matter what their particular circumstances.

Pro Shop Videos

For the third week running, the Pros returned to the coaching hut earlier this week to film five more videos to share with members.

The Club would like to thank the Professionals for shooting and sharing these videos. When the course reopens, we're expecting to see some significant improvement from all the diligent, practice-at-home members!

The Pro shop is preparing to reopen when the course does. If any members have any pro shop enquiries prior, they can email the Pros on

Above: Judy Blackmore playing online bridge from home with other members.

Bridging the Isolation Gap

Bridge, unlike golf, easily translates to the online environment and many of the Club’s bridge players have been able to find a game using various websites offering these capabilities.

Thanks go to those involved for organising regular online sessions for BHGC members in the same format as events are usually run at the Club. The response has been very enthusiastic, and all members are encouraged to join in. Click the link below to read more.


Photographer Gary Lisbon gets two mentions in this Member Update: one for his jigsaws (below) and this one for his Instagram posts and photo (above).

Gary has over 16,000 followers and recently listed the 'ripples' at Barwon Heads in his list of 10 of the best he has captured. The other courses listed in his post were:

@royalportrushgolfclub | @lagunagolflc | @barnbougle | @barwonheadsgolfclub | @portseagolfclub | @westerngailesgc | @carnoustiegolf | #standrewsoldgolfcourse | | #muirfield

Click on the image or link below to see Gary's post and follow barwonheadsgolfclub here.

IN case you missed it on the website...

Like the Professionals' videos earlier in this email, many articles have been published on the website over the past few weeks that you may have missed. Read more below.

club image


The Barwon Heads Golf Club, in conjunction with Gary Lisbon, are offering a number of 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles for sale. Normally priced at $115 each these are being offered to Barwon Heads members at a special price of $89 each including delivery to your home.

Course Update(s)

A video emailed to members last week explains what has been happening on the course during the shutdown.

18th Swale Modifications

Modifications to the swale near the 18th green have been progressing over April...

Direct debit

The Club's direct debit clearing house is having issues with processing monthly payments, and as such members utilising the direct debit system will not see a payment against their April account. Rest assured, we are working on this matter and expect the situation to be resolved shortly.

If you have any queries, please contact the Finance Manager, Darryl Ivermee, via email or by calling the Club.

Eerie Clubhouse Photos

We know it’s tough for members to walk past the empty course, but we also sympathise with the bridge, mahjong and billiards players who are missing the clubhouse. For many, it’s like their second home.

In your absence the clubhouse is eerily deserted. Take a look at some photos via the link below.


We note with great happiness that no notifications of bereavements have been received this month.

Thank you all. Stay healthy.


Barwon Heads Golf Club

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