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Wednesday 18 March 2020

Dear members, guests and staff,

Following the email I sent on Thursday 12th March regarding coronavirus (COVID-19), I want to provide you with a further update on how the Club is responding.

I am cognisant of your inbox being flooded with emails like this but please take a moment to read the information below, especially if you intend visiting the Club over the coming months.

The Situation

When it comes to playing a round of golf at the Club, demand has been less affected than many other pastimes. There were 145 bookings on yesterday's timesheet and nearly 200 today. Saturday's timesheet is waitlisted. It seems golfers are heeding the most recent advice from Golf Australia (16th March) that they "can and should continue to visit your clubs or facility as per normal."

But there is a new normal at your Club.

In line with recommendations from Golf Australia and various government agencies several changes to normal practices are being made.

What we're doing

Golf Australia have made several recommendations to clubs encompassing course maintenance, golf and clubhouse operations. Club management met Tuesday 17th March and the Committee later in the day to discuss how to put these in practice, one requiring changes to our Local Rules. 

These are some of the changes being made:

Changes to Golf Operations


  • Local Rule change: putting must be done with the flagstick in.

  • No bunker rakes. We ask that you smooth over with your foot or club.

  • The electronic card reading facilities downstairs in the clubhouse have been turned off. Please book your tee time via your mobile device, home computer or over the phone via the Pro Shop.

  • As a result, all score cards must be collected from the Pro Shop. In addition, shared scorecard holders have been removed.

  • Players are asked to mark their own card, record the score of your playing partner, and have the card signed by your marker and yourself.

  • At the conclusion of your round, please place your scorecard in the appropriate card return slot downstairs in the clubhouse. The Professionals will process them using appropriate personal protective equipment.

  • When in the Pro Shop, please stay out of their office at the rear on the ground floor.

  • Carts will no longer be shared.

  • Shotgun events will be cancelled or modified to a one tee start. Guest days will be postponed.

  • On-course water bubblers will be shut off from Thursday 19th March. Taps will remain operational for members to fill drink bottles.

  • The drinks cart will continue to operate with increased hygiene measures.

  • At this stage, events such as the Marrum Cup and the Invitationals are planned to go ahead and entries are still being received today. We will monitor this and provide advice when required.

Changes to Clubhouse OPerations

The dining, bar areas and clubhouse accommodation will remain open but with several changes. These are many and varied but we ask members and guests not to enter if they are showing any of the signs of COVID-19.

  • The Club has gone cashless at midnight 17th March.

  • Clubhouse & Environs Master Plan ('CEMP')- SESSIONS CANCELLED. The CEMP Member Information Sessions have been cancelled. We will provide members with the latest plans and cost information and allow members the opportunity to email or write in with their questions and comments. Following the distribution of this information to members and subsequent questions, we will conduct a video session with the Club's architect, Michael Jeffreson and the CEMP working group, where plans and costings will be presented and member questions answered. There is no timeframe on the above, with the Committee and management resources currently redeployed to the Club's response to the current COVID-19 situation. 

  • The Club notes the Australian Government's ban on non-essential gatherings of more than 100 people and will implement this immediately. 

  • The new members' function has been cancelled for this Saturday but the associated golf will continue. 

  • Contrary to recent requests, please provide your member number at point-of-sale areas rather than your member cards.

  • Staff rosters are being revised due to the anticipated reduction in demand. Members may find that some menu items are restricted to better manage our kitchen operation. 

  • In dining areas, changes to buffet situations have been instigated. Soup stations, member cheese, and use of keep cups have been discontinued. Hotel industry standards are being followed for distance between chairs and tables.

  • Shared bathroom items have been removed including hand towels,  combs, sunscreen, shoe polish etc.

  • Cleaning and housekeeping staff are following environmental cleaning and disinfection principles for COVID-19. Specific fact sheets for hospitality staff have been circulated.

  • Next week's house guests are being informed that we are still operating, but the Club understands if they cancel. Guests are being reminded to cancel if any symptoms are shown. Cancellation fees are being waived.

Changes to Course Maintenance OperatioNS

Course maintenance staff have been separated into two teams working staggered shifts. These teams will be led by Adam Lamb, Course Superintendent and Tom Hogan, Assistant Course Superintendent.  Advice from the Australian Sports Turf Managers Asociation has been received and additional hygiene measures have been activated.

Other Changes

Bridge & Mahjong: We have cancelled all bridge and mahjong until Sunday 29th March and will update weekly.

Billiards: Advice from Australian Billiards & Snooker Council: "It is recommended that people reduce personal contact with others whilst competing at events. Players and officials are also reminded to observe good hand hygiene, and to cover all coughs and sneezes." The Billiards Room will remain open.

Tennis: Tennis Victoria advise that "operated competitions are postponed however local competitions that are not operated by Tennis Victoria are at the discretion of the club or association that runs the competition". Social tennis will continue at the Club. 

Administration: The office will continue as normal, however we request that only essential enquiries are made, and that, where possible, these are done via the telephone or email. Staggered starting times and working from home/off site are planned.  

Committee and Sub-Committee meetings: Non essential Committee and Sub-Committee meetings will be postponed indefinitely. Measures are being taken to split attendance at essential meetings with half attending in person and half via teleconference or online link. 

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What can You Do?

Even with all these changes, the greatest responsibility for the health of all members, guests and staff is with you.

  • If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, you must not attend the Club. You must immediately also inform the General Manager, Anthony Masters, via email or phone 5255 6255 and disclose the other members with whom you have been in contact for fourteen days before the diagnosis.

  • If you have returned from overseas on or from midnight on 15 March 2020, you must self-isolate for fourteen days and not attend the Club.

  • If you have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, you should immediately seek medical advice, self-isolate for fourteen days and not attend the Club.

  • If you feel the slightest illness or have any flu like symptoms, you must not attend the Club. Please monitor your health and take professional advice.

  • Those members who are at most risk (the elderly and those with chronic medical conditions) should seriously consider whether they should attend the Club.

  • Wash your hands regularly while at the Club, at least when you arrive, after golf and when you leave.

  • All of the above apply to any guests that you bring to the Club - you should therefore exercise caution as to the guests you introduce, i.e. that you are sure that they are not contravening any of these protocols. 

  • Guests and non-members coming to the Club must provide their contact details to the pro shop or the front office.

Coronavirus COVID-19 symptoms. Click the image for more advice.

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What's Next...

As a rapidly developing issue, we will be monitoring the situation on a daily basis.

As with the Club's staff, we ask members and visitors who have any cold or fever symptoms to stay away from the Club until their medical condition has been resolved. Staff are doing all they can to keep you safe and they ask the same of you.

If you have any questions in relation to these matters, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Anthony Masters


Do not come to the Club if you are showing any of the symptoms: fever, flu-like symptoms such as coughing, sore throat and fatigue & shortness of breath.

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