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Tuesday 4 February 2020

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This eNews is the monthly 'Member Update' which keeps members informed of general Club news.

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club championships

Entries are now open for the 2020 Men's and Women's Club Championships.

Women's entries are via this entry list and close on Sunday 16th February.

Men's entries are via this entry list and close on Sunday 23rd February.

Click the link below for more information.

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In early March 2020 the Club will transition to new back-office IT supplied by Northstar, a US-based specialist in club management software. The software comes with many features designed to enhance the member experience.

MiClub's services will be retained, meaning golf and bridge bookings (and the website in general) will remain as is. However, among other changes, members can expect the appearance of statements and the 'My Details' page on the website to differ.

Clubs including Huntingdale, Metropolitan, Sorrento and 13th Beach have made the change to Northstar and it's fair to say a degree of understanding from members was required along the way. Be assured the office staff are working diligently to make the transition as smooth as possible, but your patience may be needed at times.

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Cunningham Trophy: BUshfire Relief

More than $18,300 was raised on Saturday 25th January and thanks go to all who played golf and bridge, made generous cash donations and bid in the post-game auctions. All money raised has been transferred to the Red Cross.

Along with others in the Barwon Heads Red Cross group, members Bridget Gubbins and Carol Richardson deserve special recognition for their efforts organising the auction items. Thanks also to Phil de Fegely for being the auctioneer and Anne Wilkinson for coordinating bridge.

BUnker Rakes

A new bunker rake style will soon be positioned at all bunkers. The new rake has no teeth; it has one smooth side and the other has corrugated grooves. Over the past six months several...

mIXED gENDER Competitions

Since the implementation of the World Handicap System, it is now fair and equitable to conduct mixed gender competitions where men and women both compete in the same competition. As a result, the Club will be introducing mixed gender competitions on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays.

Junior Golf Week

The week started with copious frisbees, pizzas, icy-poles and smiles and only got better...

Junior Member, Claudia Collins on the par-3 course

Junior Membership

After a very successful Junior Golf Week, Hague Shier, the Club's Junior Development Co-ordinator, reports he was surprised to hear that many members were unaware the Club's Junior Membership costs only 10% of the Full Ordinary Membership. At the current rate that's $267 or a little over $5/week.

If you would like to discuss Junior Membership and the process involved, please contact Hague.

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Captain's Corner

With Patrick Lockie...

Slow play remains, apart from a duffed chip, possibly the most annoying thing in golf.

Everyone accepts that some days on the course will be slow, especially during summer when big fields take to the course. The professionals have recently spent a lot of time out on the course trying to speed things up, but we should all be trying to help.

Golfers seem to get most riled about slow play when the group in front is not only behind the clock but apparently making no effort to catch up either. Some groups appear to dawdle off the tee, marking their cards before teeing off and generally giving the impression they don't really care if they're slow.

In theory, the low marker has the responsibility to speed the group up, but this can be difficult among friends and colleagues. So, if you are in a group that has fallen behind the clock and a hole or even two behind, everyone in the group should take responsibility to speed up and catch up. Play ready golf, if it's safe to. Walk briskly off the tee and between shots, and as much as possible be ready to play when it is your turn. Only mark your card on the next tee when you have hit your tee shot or waiting for others to hit.  At least look like you are trying to bridge the gap.

Look out for the notice board in the next few weeks which will have a "tip of the week" about speeding up play. And in case you hadn't noticed, the search time for a lost ball is now THREE minutes from the time you reach the area of the lost ball. A group in front of me a week or two ago must have been using an old sundial to time this as their three minutes was five on my watch.

Patrick Lockie


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Search time for a lost ball is now three minutes

Daily Handicap Lookup charts

These have been updated as a result of the World Handicap System.

Victorian Inclusive Championships

Played in conjunction with the ISPS Handa Victorian Open, the Club will host the first day's play of the 2020 Victorian Inclusive Championships on Monday 3rd February. It's an official Golf Australia and world ranking event for golfers with a disability and is open to all golfers with a physical, sensory or intellectual disability.

Dress Code - Practice Facilities

Dress as you would on the main course

The dress code on the practice putting greens, driving range and short-game practice area is the same as on the main course. More casual attire is only appropriate on the par-3 course.

Junior Aces

Aces returns tomorrow, Sunday 2nd February, so come along to the Club for another great Aces session.

It will be held at 1.00pm, a little after the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road race rolls through Barwon Heads.

To assist the organisers, it would be very helpful if you could click the button below to let them know you're planning to attend.


Summer of tennis 2020

"Thanks to all who have contributed to making tennis an integral part of the 'Barwon Heads' experience. "

Click the link below to read about the winners from this year's Summer of Tennis and view the photos.

February diary dates

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IN case you missed it on the website...

CEMP Update

Posted on the website 18th January...

Member Sundays

This Sunday 2nd February...

Tony Walker

Thank you, Tony. Over 100 members and guests enjoyed an enthralling Q&A in mid-January.

E L Hayne Trustees

Congratulations to Lindsay Raybould who won the E.L Hayne Trustees Putting Final

Rip CUp Interview

One of the highlights of the Rip Cup event was the interview during lunch with Chester Keon-Cohen. Link to results and photos...

Peter H. Hay Trophy

Congratulations to Richard Allen who is the 2020 Par 3 Champion and winner of the Peter H. Hay Trophy.


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