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Wednesday 2 October 2019

This eNews is the monthly 'Member Update' which keeps members informed of general Club news.

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Daylight Saving

The 2019-2020 daylight saving period will commence in Victoria on Sunday 6th October 2019, when clocks will go forward one hour at 2.00am. 

BHGC member in thrilling win

The Club hosted the opening day of the 2019 Victorian Men's and Women's Senior Amateur Championships during September. In a thrilling finish not decided until the final hole of the 54-hole tournament, it was Barry Tippett who won the men's Victorian Senior Amateur Championship.

"Tippett stood on the 18th tee with a one-shot lead over Frank Fowler and Greg Rhodes. With Fowler in close for two and a chance for birdie, Tippett faced a difficult bunker shot with an eager gallery looking on. With one of the shots of his life, Tippett would hole out and finish the tournament in style."

bUSINESS LUNCH - Friday October 18th

It's not everyday that someone who has been listed on Fortune's international list of the 50 most powerful businesswomen in the world comes to speak at the Club.

Join Alison Watkins, member of The Barwon Heads Golf Club, at this very special Q&A-style lunch.

update your details

The 2020 Member Programme / Diary is currently being prepared so if any of your contact details have changed please update them in the 'My Details' section of the website. Alternatively, you can email Roseanne Conheady with the changes by 11th October. Thanks to those who have already done so.

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Nine-hole competition for men

At the most recent Course and Match Sub-Committee meeting it was decided to introduce a nine-hole competition for men on Wednesday afternoons. The idea is to encourage members short on time and those who don't wish to play a full round to play and compete more regularly. Tee times from 2:30-3:00pm will be reserved for nine-hole players and can be identified by a circled '9' symbol on the timesheet.

Prize allocation

Also from the last Course and Match meeting: It was agreed to increase the prize allocation to members to 70% on a per competition basis and split competitions into two grades once there are 80 or more players competing.  The exact prize structure with regards to set voucher values is still to be confirmed.

VEterans Championships,  Mixed centenary Medal, Composite Day.

Click the link for more details.

Shaw Foursomes - 17th November

Shaw Foursomes will move to an 8:30am shotgun this year in an effort to suit more players. Play will remain in sixes for 2019.  Due to the confusion for many players, it was also agreed to remove the Calcutta the night prior from the Shaw Foursomes men's event and replace it with a 'bookie' arrangement. More information will be circulated over the coming month.

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Long Putt on the 18th

If you're enjoying a solo round and an amazing putt drops on the 18th, does anyone share your joy? The answer is yes, everyone in the clubhouse. 

In case you missed it on the website:

Members qualify for state final

The SWGA report that Julie Duffield, Chris Swinton and Peter Duffield are off to Metropolitan GC to compete in the Play 9 State Final.

Journalists and Politicians' Invitational

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L-R: The Hon. Dan Tehan MP, Brian Brushfield, Tony Walker, Geoff Walsh AO

Composite Event

The annual BHGC & 13th Beach composite event is being held this Friday 4th October 2019, beginning here at The Barwon Heads Golf Club. This event is for members only and will be held over 18 holes, incorporating holes from both clubs.


With the onset of warmer weather, the chance of encountering a snake on the course increases.

If you are bitten by a snake:

  • Try to identify the type of snake that has bitten you. Your description of its colour etc. can be helpful if antivenom is required.
  • Stay calm.
  • Firmly bandage the wound to help prevent the venom from leaving the puncture site. It should be tight but not so tight that it causes numbness. Do not wash the bite site.
  • Call for help to arrange transport to the nearest hospital emergency department.
  • For an ambulance call triple zero (000).
  • Stay still and wait for transport to reach you.

The black tee on the 4th

Captain Frank's Rules Quiz

In a stroke round, Bill drives from the 4th black tee and hits his ball into some long grass just to the front of the tee. Bill does not play a provisional ball. He searches for his ball and finds it after the three-minute search time permitted has elapsed. The ball is unplayable and so Bill drops the ball within two club lengths (no nearer the hole), plays the ball and completes the hole. How many penalty strokes has Bill incurred?

A. None

B. One

C. Two

D. Three

E. Four

Answer below.

Frank Webb, Captain.

October diary dates

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Wellways Charity Day - Monday 21st october

This is one of the Club's biggest fundraisers for the year and we hope to get a full field to support and raise money for this very worthwhile cause. A huge thank you to all the individuals who have already made generous donations for the auction and raffle. Please collect an entry form from reception or download one from our website. The event is open to members (including provisional & restricted) and visitors. Pairings can be men, women or mixed. 


Aces will be held on Sunday 6th October and the forecast temperature of 24C (at the time of writing) means we're looking forward to a big turnout.

To assist the organisers, it would be very helpful if you could click here to send an email to let them know you're planning to attend on Sunday 8th.

Junior Pennant

The 2019 Junior Pennant season starts on Sunday 20th October. Keep an eye on the website for updates.

Website help - Search Function

The Club's website contains a wealth of information that is sometimes difficult to find, especially when navigating on a mobile device.

One way to help you find what you're looking for is to use the search function. This is located on the top right-hand side of most pages. Just click on the magnifying glass icon, type in what you're looking for then press 'Go!'

L-R: Frank Webb, Julie Hope-Johnstone & Dan Wooley


Dan Woolley, National Whisky Brand Ambassdor for Islay malt Laphroaig kept members and their guests entertained late last week. Vibrant and varied events such as this one are proving popular with members. Thank you to all who attended.

Spring Menu

The spring evening menu is currently being served and is offered in either the casual or formal dining areas of the clubhouse. Just let us know where you'd prefer to sit when you book. Call 5255 6255 to make a reservation.


Golf & Bridge Biathlon - winners

A very successful day and encouraging to see numbers growing each year.

Bay Bridge Challenge trophy

Played between Barwon Heads, Sorrento and Peninsula Kingswood this year's Bay Bridge Challenge will be held at The Barwon Heads Golf Club on Monday 14th October. Barwon Heads will be defending the trophy.

First Fridays This Friday

The popular dinner and bridge gathering on the first Friday evening of the month recommences on Friday October 4th. The evening consists of a single-course dinner and glass of wine at 6.30pm followed by a relaxed evening of duplicate bridge starting at 7.30pm. Players are welcome to come for the bridge only - please advise the office if taking this option.

Rules Quiz Answer

Answer D. Three.

See definitions of Lost and Wrong Place and Rule 18.2a(1) and Rule 14.7. Once the three-minute search time elapsed, Bill's original ball was lost. As no provisional ball was played the only option for Bill was to return to the tee under penalty of stroke and distance. Bill did not do this, but instead substituted his original ball and dropped it in the wrong place and played it from there. Playing his ball from a wrong place incurred a further two-stroke penalty, Three penalty strokes in all.



We note with regret the passing of:

Mrs D E (Dorothy) Heeley. Member since 1999

Ms P K (Trish) Catt. Member since 1972

Mr M A (Dick) Collins. Member since 1939


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