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Saturday 1 June 2019

Dear Anthony 

This eNews is the monthly 'Member Update' which keeps members informed of general Club news. To open some of the links you will need to be logged in to the members' area of the website.

Above: The National team (L-R): Georgina Leigh, Diana Tremigliozzi & Jayne Dance


Congratulations to the team from The National who won on a countback from Robe GC to win the Marrum Cup. The rain stayed away but the wind made conditions challenging as reflected by the winning score of 238 compared to Kew's 219 last year. Click the link below to read about the week's  events and to view the photos.

Above: (L-R) Frank Webb with the Royal Perth team of Russell Hawkins, Mal Dempsey, Mark Gatty and Bill Stephen.

Men's Invitational Challenge 2019

Congratulations to all players, Committee and staff who were involved in another hugely successful Men's Invitational Challenge, despite challenging conditions.  We would particularly like to thank  Andrew Langford-Jones and Richard Larkins who spoke at dinner on Tuesday and Wednesday nights respectively.  In addition, on Thursday night the participants were treated to a musical performance from Kooyonga's John Brewster-Jones, a member of the Australian rock band, The Angels- a treat for the historic Dining Room! 

This year's event was won by Royal Perth, 288 points, with Kooyonga coming runner up by only 1 point  on 287.  Russell Hawkins from Royal Perth had a good three rounds and was the winner of the Kent & Dion Crawford Memorial Trophy for the best individual player with 99 points .  Click on the following link for a full wrap up and copies of the results sheets.

President's cocktail party

The President's Cocktail Party, held to recognise event winners over the past year, will take place on Sunday 9th June (long weekend). All members and their guests are welcome to attend.

Canapes, drinks and presentations will be in the Members' Lounge at 6.00pm and dinner will be in the Links Room from 7.30pm. Cocktail party only: $50, dinner only - $55, both - $95. Call reception to book.

Royal Melbourne's Richard Bartlett-Bragg accepting the trophy from Frank Webb.


Played at Royal Melbourne on Sunday 26th May, the Royal Melbourne team were too strong at home taking out the match 6 1/2 to 3 1/2. Many thanks to bus driver, Zara Brookes for taking the Barwon Heads team up to RM.

club imageclub image


Following the postponement of the Rip and Ripple Cups in early January due to extreme heat, the events were held in idyllic autumnal conditions. 

Our male members crossed the bay to take on Sorrento on their home ground.  Unfortunately, the Sorrento team were too strong on the day winning back the Rip Cup 14 matches to 2. The Incidental Cup (for tennis) was not played. 

Here at Barwon Heads, our female counterparts had a more successful day, winning the Ripple Cup. Our golfers won 9 matches to 4, with 1 squared match. 


After last year's first for the event, a three-way tie has occurred again.

Keeping the engravers busy, Tony Carty & Frank Webb, Paul Langford & Anthony Hyde and Will Wordsworth & Lindsay Raybould (pictured below) all tied on 44 points to share the Bradfield Bucket. As has been the tradition for the event, no countback is applied with all three winners being engraved onto the Bucket.

Better get a bigger bucket.

After a black tie dinner and Calcutta the night prior the Bradfield Bucket was played on Saturday 4th May 2019.

Member Sunday - 2nd June

The next Member Sunday will be held on the 2nd of June. Click here to read more about the format for the afternoon and to see how you can benefit by attending. All members are welcome. Register your interest by calling the Pro Shop (5255 6255).


course update

May has brought some much needed rain to the course, 120mm of it! Some nice warm sunshine (although, not much towards the end of May) following the rain that we received in early May, has kept the couch grass growing towards the end of autumn and revived it in some areas and now we are observing plenty of cool season grasses germinating throughout.

Spare a thought though for the players competing in the Men's Invitational Challenge Trophy last week, would be fair to say they toughed it out in the worst 3 consecutive days of weather here for many years!    

Course staff are working through a renovations program on many tee paths. Most paths only require a top up, the path of major  concern is the 13th tee path, this path suffers very badly after heavy rain. The plan for the 13th tee path is to create a pathway with a gradual descent from the tee area, whilst shaping the path to allow water to run off without creating deep washouts. A long term solution is currently being investigated for this path and several other steep paths across the course. A permanent material may be the best long term solution to ensure damage after heavy rain is minimal.    


Captain Frank's Rules quiz

With the Hicks 4BBB Trophy in progress and the Leslie Sprague Memorial Cup about to start, this is a reminder of one of the rules of 4BBB Match Play.

Bill and John are playing Steve and Graeme in the first round and coming up the 17th fairway, all square.  Steve and Graeme have completed the hole with a score of 4.

Bill has made one stroke to reach the green while John has made three strokes.  Their balls are on a very similar line of play, with John's ball closer to the hole.   While John cannot win the hole, Bill can win the hole with two putts.  It is Bill's turn to putt, but John decides to go first, to show Bill the line.  Prior to John putting, their opponents concede John's next stroke.  However, John elects to putt anyway and takes two strokes to hole out.  Bill then completes the hole in two putts.  

Which is correct?

A. Bill and John win the hole

B. Bill and John lose the hole

C. The hole is halved

Scroll to the end of this email to see the answer.

June diary dates


Aces this sunday

Aces will be on this Sunday 2nd June at 1.00pm and we're looking forward to seeing everyone there.





Barwon Heads Member, Simon Holloway completed the daunting 250km Marathon Des Sables in April 2019.

Simon will talk about his experiences in the Member's Lounge on Saturday 15th June 5:30pm-6:30pm


Members will have the opportunity to donate to 'Let's Beat Bowel Cancer', Simon's chosen charity.

Click here to make a booking.

pro shop


Catch up on the latest demo days from Odyssey and Callaway; and Jess tells you how to avoid hitting the dreaded sky ball...



This year it is Barwon Heads' turn to host the annual Bay Bridge Classic Teams competition between teams from Sorrento, Peninsula, The National and Barwon Heads, to be held on Monday 14th October. Keep this date in mind - we are planning to extend our winning streak to two and will be practising teams play closer to October!


entries CLOSE soon

Entries close on June 9th for the RV Moon Snooker Handicap, IDW Macdonald Billiards Handicap, Scratch Billiards Championship and Scratch Snooker Championship.

Entries may be made via the links on the Billiards page on the website.

Rules quiz - answer

See Rule 23.6.

While partners may play in the order the side considers best, a player must not continue play of a hole after the player's next stroke has been conceded if this would help his or her partner.  If the player does so, his or her score for the hole stands without penalty, but the partner's score for the hole cannot count for the side.  Hence John's score of 5 is their score for the hole.  

Exception - Continuing Play of Hole After Stroke Conceded in Match Play

  • A player must not continue play of a hole after the player's next stroke has been conceded if this would help his or her partner
  • If the player does so, his or her score for the hole stands without penalty, but the partner's score for the hole cannot count for the side.

B is the correct answer.

Frank Webb, Captain.


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