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Tuesday 16 April 2019

men's pennant

round Five - Division 1

By Gary Hill

This round Barwon Heads hosted Division 1 hence the bye.

Division 4 secured a strong 5/2 win over a determined Lonsdale team at the Torquay RACV course.

My thanks to Graeme Swinton and other contributors for the Division 4 report content.

We now head into the Easter break, round six scheduled for Sunday 28th April.

Barwon Heads Hosts

The great weather continues for our pennant season and for round five the Club hosted Division 1. As always it was an opportunity to showcase our wonderful course and facilities to visitors.

club image

The practice area in full swing

Play got underway in light south-easterly conditions, the course presented in super condition. Seeing the greens being 'rolled' early on set the scene for testing times on the putting surface and the course staff are to be thanked for all their hard work leading into pennant given the dry conditions of late.
club image

Tight finish 13th Beach vs Clifton Springs

club image

A much appreciate lunch after golf

Great feedback received from many players - they do love coming to Barwon Heads!

My thanks to all the support staff in hosting today:

  • Adam Lamb and his team of ground staff and the Pro Shop assistance
  • The clubhouse bar and catering staff
  • Margaret in the front office for results compilation back to the SWGA

Division 1 results of round five

The Sands Def Queens Park: 4.5 / 2.5 (not the result our Div 1 team wanted!)

13th Beach Def Clifton Springs: 5.5 / 1.5

East Geelong Def Barwon Valley: 6.5 / 0.5

club image

The last two rounds for BHGC Division 1:

Round 6: Sunday 28th April vs East Geelong at Queens Park

Round 7: Sunday 5th May vs The Sands at Clifton Springs.

Division 4

at RACV Torquay:


1. Joe Raimondo L 1-down

2. Billy Flinn W7/6

3. Richard Allen W 2/1

4. Graeme Mathers W 7/5

5. Paul Klein W 4/3

6.Graeme Swinton L 1-down 

7. Stirling Shier W 2-up

Report from Graeme Swinton

The Division 4 team headed to RACV Torquay for a must win match against Lonsdale Golf Club.

Conditions were perfect and the team welcomed Billy Flinn and Richard Allen to fill the void created by Brett Purchase choosing to watch Tiger Woods at the Masters and Adam Charleston on wedding anniversary duties.

The outcome of the match was a solid 5/2 win to the Division 4 team, which keeps alive a chance to play in the Division 4 final. Firstly, the team must record a win over top-of-the-ladder Bannockburn Golf Club then await the outcome of the match between Bannockburn and Torquay in Round 7 (when Barwon Heads does not play while acting as hosts for the last pennant round of the season).

At #7, Stirling Shier continued with his form from Saturday at Barwon Heads (recording a 70 off the stick) with a 2-up win which included a birdie on the 18th hole.

Playing at #6, Graeme Swinton had a tough match against an up and coming Lonsdale junior and member of the development squad at 13th Beach. A missed birdie putt on the 18th hole to halve his match resulted in a loss 1 down.

#5 Paul Klein, #4 Graeme Mathers and #2 Billy Flinn controlled their matches all day recording a solid 4/3 win and excellent 7/5 and 7/6 wins respectively. At #3 Richard Allen was made to earn his 2/1 win.  At #1 Joe Raimondo played the Par 5 / 18th hole 1 down. On the green for 2 and putting for an eagle, unfortunately a 3-putt green saw his chance to halve his match slip away.

Many thanks to Mick Terrington, Club Captain Frank Webb, John Brodie, Alan Burton and Hague Shier for their presence at RACV Torquay supporting the Division 4 team and providing state of match reports as the day progressed.

club image

 Joe Raimondo shot to the tricky 10th

club image

 Billy Flinn's short approach to the 9th

club image

 Stirling putting to win the 15th

club image

 Richard Allen driving at the 10th

club image

 Graeme Mathers at par 5, 1st hole

club image

 Paul Klein watches a 'be good' shot

club image

'Doc' Swinton short wedge to the Par 5 / 18th

Easter break

My best to all for some good golfing during the Easter period and safe travelling if out and about.

Gary Hill.

women's pennant

Round Three

Division 1

By Ann Manuell

Division 1 were at Torquay RACV on Friday for our match against Curlewis No. 1 team, probably the strongest and most experienced team in our section. Unfortunately, these factors held them in good stead, and they prevailed 3/2, not without a fight.

It was another great morning for golf and the course looked to be in pretty good condition. Play was always going to be slow as the hotel was full of golf-playing guests. Dawn was again filling in for Julie.

Our girls all got off to good start but unfortunately the greater experience and possibly better knowledge of the course lead to our team missing out.

Both Zara and Anna got to the 18th, narrowly missing; Dawn went to the 20th. Annie had a great 5/3 win and I also won 4/2.

We have a break over Easter and are hosting the following week, so time to recharge and practice our putting. The next match is at Curlewis, playing the Curlewis No 2 team.

Division 2

club image

L-R: Lindy kay, Jennie Reed, Jackie McDonald, Bec Bain and Naida Hutton

By  Jackie McDonald

The team of Lindy, Jackie, Bec Naida and Jennie headed to East Geelong to play Torquay after a week off.

Lindy was off first and didn't take long to finish off her opponent having a great win 7/5 well done Lindy. I was next off the tee and after a nervous start settled into a great match but lost down - sorry team. Bec filled in today (lucky us) and won 2/1 never in doubt great effort Bec - and thanks for filling in again.

We bought in the big gun Naida to fill in this week with 50 years pennant experience. It showed, with a great win on the 19th. Thanks so much Naida.

Jennie was number 1 who played a great match winning 2-up with a perfect shot landing within 3ft of the flag on the final hole, displaying her attacking skills throughout her round.

So, in the end it was a win 4/1 to BHGC.

Thanks so much, see you in two weeks.

Division 3

club image

L-R: Sandy de Crespigny, Deb Lockie, Wendy Amor, Chris Swinton. (Absent Jenny McMillan)

By Wendy Amor

Division 3 played at Ocean Grove against 13th Beach (2). Unfortunately, we lost 3/2 but there were some tightly contested matches:

Wendy Amor won 5/4

 Jenny McMillan won 5/4

Sandy de Crespigny lost on 20th

Chris Swinton lost 4/3

Deb Lockie lost on 18th.

Division 4

club image

L-R: Robin Forbes, Lib Nicholson, Jo Burton, Sue Smith, Bronnie Robson

By Bronnie Robson

Our 3rd round for Division 4 was played at 13th Beach in perfect weather. The Creek Course was beautifully presented and after golf 13th Beach provided great hospitality. Regrettably, Portarlington were too good on the day and we were defeated 3/2.

Sue had a convincing win 4/3; Bronnie won on the 18th; Robbie battled hard but lost on the 20th; Jo lost to Portarlington 2-up and Lib was beaten 5/4.

Our next match is against Colac at 13th Beach.

Division 6

club image

L-R: Lou Baylis, Sandie Rankin, Marisa Colman, Sarah Hay, Yvonne Hern

By Sandie Rankin

Finally, Division 6 began the pennant season and were thrilled to don the new uniform for Barwon Heads. It was a glorious autumn day without wind which is always helpful.

Clifton Springs views did not distract the determined team from taking victory over Queen's Park with a score of 4-1. Sarah Hay showed her true grit by winning on the 20th hole!

Many thanks to Yvonne Hern who filled in and had a convincing win as did Louise Baylis and Marissa Colman.

Sunday Pennant - Round 3.

By Anne Taylor

Sadly, no bragging rights to be had this week for the BHGC Sunday Pennant girls. We unfortunately recorded a resounding loss, 0.5/4.5 to a very strong and consistent Anglesea team, played at Anglesea too!

While we knew it would be a tough match playing our opposition at their home club, we all teed off with plenty of confidence and a belief that if the Giants could beat the Cats on their home turf, then so could we.

At the turn, four of our five matches were closely contested and it was anybody's game. However, the need to give shots for some of us (to even-up the handicaps in the Sunday competition) highlighted the importance of being well ahead at the turn, as most of the harder holes for the course's match play index are on the back nine. (Not that I'm making excuses or anything, but it is something we hadn't considered sufficiently in our preparations). We all reflected upon this once we were back in the clubhouse - hindsight surely is a wonderful thing.

Anglesea Golf Club put on a superb day for round three, with both the course and the weather on point. We were also treated to some delicious morning tea to send us on our way, as well as homemade brownies provided at the start of the back nine. Hospitality and camaraderie are something all Sunday pennant players appreciate and enjoy.

We also appreciated having two of our emergencies play again with us today: Claire Hewitt (who could be mistaken for being one of the permanent team members as she's played every week so far); and Carole Hinchcliffe, who was more than happy to step up to the task when asked. We couldn't field a team each week without the use of our emergency players and we are all indebted to their commitment and support to our team. Thank you one and all.  

Specific match results for the round were:

Claire - 5/4

Margie - 4/3

Anne - Square

Bronwyn - 6/4

Carole - 6/5

We now have an opportunity to lick our wounds, have a social interlude (thanks Amanda), and come back pumped and ready for another win after the Easter break. We take on 13th Beach at home (Barwon Heads).

Wishing everyone a safety and happy Easter Break - and happy golfing.

club image

 Margie Blair

club image

 Bronwyn Constance

Thank you to all who contributed to this report.

Full results can be seen at the SWGA web page:

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